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The end of the East Mediterranean Bronze Age, at the turn of the XIII - XII-th century BC, was one of the most shocking turning points in history. For those who lived at the time, it has become a scourge. During the forty or fifty years almost all major cities and palaces in the eastern Mediterranean have been destroyed, most of them were never inhabited again. In many places the old and developed a society ceased to exist around 1200 BC In the Aegean Sea Mycenaean civilization disappeared swept migratory movements of wild northern tribes from Illyri and Thrace. Although some bards of the "dark ages" such as Homer and Hesiod remember about the past greatness of a court of Mycenaean civilization, it sank into obscurity, until archaeologists began to excavate. In the Anatolian peninsula the losses were even greater. Famine, plague, and on top of the invasion of the Thracian tribes destroyed the Hittite empire, gave the Anatolian plateau level of stability and prosperity, which this area will not see in the follow thousand years! Levantine trading cities suffered the same fate, and although recovery was faster here, but urban life was severely set back, and the major cultural centers such as Ugarit and Alalakhceased to exist altogether. In Egypt, with difficulty repelled an attack by "Sea Peoples" XX-th dynasty marked the end of the New Kingdom and the end of the achievements of the Pharaonic era. Mesopotamian States and Syria invasion swept Aramaic tribes of northern Arabia. Everywhere in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East, XII-th century BC led to a "dark time", from which the world civilization began to emerge only four or five hundred years later. In general, the end of the Bronze Age was one of the deepest and catastrophes of ancient history, a great calamity than the fall of the Roman Empire.
It is this dramatic events in world history is devoted to modification of «Bronze Age: Total War» developed on the basis of engine RTW-BI1.6, a small team of enthusiasts from site internetwars.ru
Total War series fans will be invited to plunge into events occurred in Asia Minor and Aegeide: from 1290 BC to 1150 BC
Trace the history of the great civilizations of the Bronze Age period of greatest prosperity to the time of the disastrous invasions of barbarian tribes destroyed them. The player will be given the opportunity to change the course of world history to lead one of 17 playing nations. Flip the invasion of barbarian tribes examples of the role of the Egyptian Pharaoh, Hittite Tabarna, Mycenaean Vanakt and others. Or on the contrary lead the crowd from a desperate tramps are ready to challenge the powers that be, win fame and fortune in the war and set a new world order.
In it the great conquerors will be a great variety of units (according to the plans to two hundred). Unit line will be as historically accurate as possible. Assistance in preparing them have professional historians of the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russia Academy of Sciences - A.A. Nemirovsky and A.V. Safronov for which many thanks to them!
The basis of the armies of the Bronze Age was the infantry, cavalry and chariots had only been provided through this particular change to the gameplay and the tactical map, the role and importance of the chariots will increase substantially compared to the original game or other mods. Players are waiting for large-scale infantry battles with lightning breaks of mobile chariot troops - "tanks" of Bronze Age.
Gameplay on the strategic map will be complemented by a regional system of units and a set of scripted events - epidemics, earthquakes, droughts, as well as on the campaign will appear formidable faction-destructive (not available to the player) - "Sea Peoples", Dorians and Mysii tribes (see details below) . In the mod will be sold around 100 authentic historical characters - members of the ruling families - from Ramsses II, Muvattalli and Agamemnon, who will available since the beginning of the campaign, to Ramesses III, Nebuchadnezzar and Tiglath-Pileser, who appearing for scripting the event. Some of them get close to the reality of individual portraits and features. Heraldry and symbols of the factions will also be completely recycled and made in accordance with the artifacts of that distant era. Itself a new strategic map will cover the area from the Libyan desert and the mountains of Epirus in the west to the Iranian plateau and deserts of Central Asia to the east.

Currently, the development team is a beta version of Bronze Age: Total War with custom battles and historical battles. Players are available seven factions: Egypt, Hatti, Babylonia, Assyria, Mycenae, Thebes, and Amurru. The greatest number of units in Egypt and Hatti, and understandably so these were the key powers the Bronze Age, least of all types of Syrian troops from the tiny kingdom Amurru. A total of seven rulers of mod have120 units, they represent the following kinds of troops:  spear infantry, assault infantry, archers (a few species), mounted scouts and chariots. In addition to general types for each army has its own an elaborated standard-bearers, officers, and kings, as well as special units. For example, Egypt is infantry and archers inscribed "regiments" dedicated to the gods - Amon, Ra, Ptah, Gore  and Sutekh.
Accordingly, a set of factions in beta mode custom battles players can arrange any fantastic clash. For example between Mycenaean Greeks and Assyrians. Or immerse yourself in the vicissitudes of the ancient struggles of kings and run one of the three historical battles:
The first of these - The battle in the Bekaa Valley  - at the time
of Akhenaten and the ensuing turmoil, Egypt lost the lion's share of their possessions in the northern Utterance (Syria). Many cities Levant came under the patronage of the powerful king of the Hittites Suppiluliuma. Two campaign of Horemheb to restore the power of Egypt over the Utterance was inconclusive. New, more energetic Pharaoh Seti I acted decisively and in the first three years of his reign, made three successful campaign. Consistently, conquered the city have fallen northern Hanaan, and the countries of the Southern Utterance and kingdoms Amurru. For the fifth year against him declared himself king Hattie – Muvatalli. Both armies met in the Beqaa Valley north of Kadesh. Networks must win soon will establish control over the cities of Northern Utterance.
Second - Battle of Sugagu - assites kings of Babylon has always claimed dominion over Upper Mesopotamia and from time to time carried out the devastating trips to the southern borders of the Assyrian kingdom. While the power of the Assyrian kings was weak, and the Assyrian army sparse, they shied away from the battle with Kassites, but things have changed since Ashshuruballit, he managed to defeat Kassites army, capture of Babylon, and to elevate to the throne of Karduniash his grandson. Several decades later, the king of Kassites Kurigalzu decided to take revenge for the defeat of the old and consolidate the power of Babylonia over Assyria. He gathered a large army and the rapid march entered a neighborhood of Ashur. New Assyrian king Enlil-nirari be slain with Kassites and defend freedom of Assyria, or perish.
Third - The Battle of Thebes - the fate of the Theban kingdom is solved in this battle. Eteocles and Polynices sons of Oedipus for the testamentary father had in turn every alternate on the throne of Thebes. But Eteocles in order to avoid troubles, refused to concede the throne to his brother. Offended Polynices left Boeotia. Quarrel between the brothers decided to take the Argive king Adrastus. He received the fugitive Polynices and agreed to organize a campaign to conquer Thebes, but on condition that the troops will be headed on – Adrastus. Polynices agreed. By the allies joined with with his troops a few more heroes - Tydeus, Kapan, Amphiaraus, Hippomedon, Parthenopeus. Soon omnibus army Adrastus lump to the walls of Thebes. On the eve of the battle all seven Argives leaders vowed to destroy Thebes to the ground even if it displeases of Gods. Eteocles must crush the Argives and save Thebes from destruction.

Team Bronze Age: Total War hoped that the beta will allow players to pass the time waiting for the full version of the mod with the strategic regime.

To install the mod you want to RTW-BI, patched to 1.6.
1. Download the installation file mode from the left column
2. Run the installer
3. When installing the folder is located exe RTW-BI.
Modd started with a label that will appear on your desktop after installation. Enjoy the game.

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